Hi there I'm Maxsel, I'm an Independent artist, Music Composer/Producer, Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter, Musician on a budget and a DIY enthusiast.


I do all my music composing and producing in my home studio in Oslo-Norway, Where I play all the instruments on my songs and do all the mixing and mastering of my music.

I also use my experience as a graphic designer to create all of my artworks and my music videos.


Just Recently I released my debut music album 'Trip To The Lost World' An Instrumental guitar based music album inspired by certain life events and a wide range of musical influences, From Blues Rock music, To Funk and Jazz, Adding some Classical music elements and a little bit of taste from my middle eastern Background.  


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Maxsel Is Ready To Help You With Your Music For Reasonable Prices!
  • You can now Hire Maxsel to play Electric/Acoustic guitar or Electric Bass on your songs in any genre (Blues, Pop, Rock, Metal, Country....etc)

        and in any style.

        Playing Rhythm or Solo or both, for a reasonable price depending on what you need and the service provided. 

        PS: Maxsel will only charge a one time fee and you keep 100% of all the royalties to your songs.

        Contact Maxsel for More Information: Or use the contact form below.

  • You can Hire Maxsel to Mix and Master your music tracks for reasonable prices, Prices will differ depending on several factors

        such as: length of the song, how many songs / how many tracks, type of work, and the service provided.

        Contact Maxsel now to find out more: Or use the contact form below.  

  • Maxsel will use his experience in Graphic Designing to create digital artworks for your Band, Album, Single, Website, Social Media Profiles and artist profile.

        You can Hire Maxsel to design Logos, Flyers, Posters, Booklets, Banners, CD Covers or to create any type of Digital and Print-Ready material.

        Contact Maxsel for prices and more information: or use the contact form below.


Special Prices and Discounts when using more than one service in single order.