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Due to the current situation with the Corona Virus we are obliged to spend more time at home,

So i would like to offer a free download of my album ''Trip To The Lost World''

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'May the music finds you and in good health'

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AnR Factory

''With a prelude that would be fitting in any Tarantino film, MAXSEL's progressively psychedelic single “Shy Landscapes” unfolds. The snaking rhythm of the guitar guides you through the smoky, reverb-soaked mix in an approach to solo guitar instrumental music that is uniquely refreshing.'' ...... Read More

The Bandcamp Diaries

''Due to the eclectic nature of his musical references, MAXSEL is able to make music that transcends genre definitions and ideas, going for a very versatile blend of various influences. As a guitarist, MAXSEL is a really accomplished musician, inspired by some of the modern masters of the instrument, from Joe Satriani to Jeff Beck and David Gilmour, only to mention a few. “Trip To The Lost World” is a fantastic studio release, an album with a kaleidoscopic twist, which really highlights MAXSEL’s ability to bring different ideas to the table, and executes them to absolute perfection..'' ...... Read More

SleepingBag Studios

''Maxsel’s written tunes that are strong enough to pull in people that don’t even think they’d like instrumental music – that’s how amazing this guy really is. 

 ...what Maxsel’s got started here on Trip To The Lost World is freakin’ magnificent…and to know that this is just his debut and that he’ll continue to evolve, grow, and likely still produce even better material later on in the future is actually kind of staggering to think about.  What more could you want than what we’ve already gotten from this guy?'' ...... Read More

Alternative Nation

''There is something so primal about Trip To The Lost World. It’s literally like going back in time to another welcome. Maxsel provides a welcome return to the heyday of virtuoso guitarists ruling the planet. With his guitar, Maxsel wields the same type of power a Jedi does with a light saber. Maxsel effortlessly transitions from straight up rock, to funk, metal and even jazz.'' ...... Read More


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Maxsel is a Syrian/Norwegian independent music artist, Composer/Producer, Guitarist and Singer/Songwriter. 
Living in Oslo-Norway, Playing the guitar as a main instrument, producing music in different genres, and creating graphical Artworks.

Recently Maxsel released the debut album 'Trip To The Lost World' An Instrumental guitar music album inspired by a wide range of musical influences, From Blues Rock , To Funk and Jazz, Adding some Classical and Arabic music influences.


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